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Net Promoter System


Turn customers into brand advocates.

Theres a customer service disconnect between executive directives and frontline execution.

While many executives talk about the importance of customer loyalty, there is a big disconnect between what CEOs are saying and what customers are feeling about their companies. Strategic corporate decisions are important, but frontline behavior at each location primarily determines whether a customer has an experience thats just satisfactoryor one that delights.

At FranklinCovey, we take a unique approach to improve customer experience. Rather than top-down prescriptions driven by corporate data analysts, we advocate for a bottom-up approach powered by the employees on the frontlines.

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Let your frontline own the customer experience.

Imagine if every one of your teams or locations delighted 80% or more customers. What would that be worth?

Truly great customer service can only come from holding frontline employees accountable. Empower your teams to discuss ideas, vote on the best ones, and then run thoughtful experiments to tackle customer service issues directly. Use their firsthand insights to help define what a great experience should look like. With great customer experiences comes loyalty that will transform customers into promoters.

Our Net Promoter System (NPS) helps organizations:

  • Accurately measure customer service for every team.
  • Identify your strong and weak frontline leaders.
  • Analyze and share feedback in simple, meaningful ways.
  • Train and coach leaders how to delight more customers.

Thrive in a customer-driven world.

At FranklinCovey, we help organizations build a winning culture, which is the common denominator among all great organizations. Get the culture right, and frontline attitude and behavior will follow.

With over 20 years of measuring and improving the customer experience, our team along with Fred Reichheld, creator of the Net Promoter System, we dont just gather customer feedback, we help you improve it to grow your business faster.

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